Straight Arrow

Straight Arrow was a Western, designed for kids. The show was broadcast on various stations (usually on the Mutual Network) between 1948 and 1951. Howard Culver played Steve Adams in the series. Steve was a ranch owner who really was a Comanche Indian named "Straight Arrow". He wore his Indian garb and rode a palamino horse named "Fury" while he fought outlaws. Here is a 2:14 sound clip from the first episode of Straight Arrow (5/6/48), in which Steve Adams / Straight Arrow is introduced.

"To friends and neighbors alike, STEVE ADAMS appeared to be nothing more than the young owner of the Broken Bow cattle spread. But when danger threatened innocent people.. and when evil doers plotted against justice... then Steve Adams disappeared and in his place came a mysterious, stalwart Indian... wearing the dress and war paint of a Comanche, riding the great golden palomino, FURY... galloping out of the darkness to take up the cause of law and order throughout the West... comes the legendary figure of... STRAIGHT ARROW!"

Some interesting tid-bits about another Western and the career of Howard Culver:

On Jul 15, 1949, Mr Culver auditioned for the radio version of Gunsmoke, and the lead role as Marshal Mark Dillon. The show wasn't aired that year, but in 1952, William Conrad played the part of Marshal Matt Dillon in the extremely successful series. Some years later, the TV series Gunsmoke appeared. Mr Culver was given a job in the TV version that extended through the entire duration of that series. He played ... the hotel manager!

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