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The Old-Time Radio Bulletin Board: Up

The Original Old-Time Radio pages first appeared on the WWW in 1994. Starting in 1996, the Wayback Machine began to record/save some of those pages. Here is a link to Archived Old-Time Radio Site pages, so you can see some of the things that changed, and some of the things that did not. (Note the number of visitors way back then).
The OTR FAQ Frequently Asked Questions (and answers) about Old Time Radio.
Calendar of Events Conventions & Happenings for OTR fans.
Interested in reading more about OTR? Buy a book on OTR. Selected list of books from
Interested in hearing more about OTR? Buy a radio or MP3 player. Selected list of goodies from

Recent Updates:
Most recent at bottom of this list.
Updated OTR Logs: The long wait was worth it! Walt Pattinson updates his Bill Stern Sports Newsreel log!
Updated OTR Logs: Stewart Wright updates ten logs:
Harry Nile
Imagination Theater
Jeff Regan, Investigator
Jim French Shows (Seattle)
Kerides, The Thinker
Rocky Jordan (1948-1955)
Sherlock Holmes, The Classic Adventures of
The Line Up
New OTR Logs: Walt Pattinson adds a log of It Pays To Be Ignorant!
UpdatedNew OTR Logs: Stewart Wright updates 19 logs, and adds two new ones, Crisis and The Tower Playhouse
21st Precinct
Date With Judy, A
Harry Nile
Hilary Caine Mysteries
Horizons West
Imagination Theater
Jeff Regan, Investigator
Jim French Shows (Seattle)
Kerides, The Thinker
Raffles, The Gentleman Thief
Rocky Jordan (1948-1955)
Rogers of the Gazette
Sherlock Holmes, The Classic Adventures of
Sherlock Holmes, The Further Adventures of
The Line Up
The StrangeSeeker
The Tower Playhouse
New OTR Logs: Stewart Wright adds two new logs:
Frontier Gentleman
Luke Slaughter of Tombstone

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Program Guide
Tune In Your Brain To Programs From Radio's Golden Age.
Old Time Radio
Reference Materials

Plan on spending some time "looking through the stacks" in this section. (You can bring a snack, too). OTR meets the Information Age!
Reference Menu: Includes: program logs, OTR database search engine, LOCAL search engine, theme music, copyright info, and more!
More OTR Info of General Interest. Includes: radio stations broadcasting OTR today, OTR bibliography, info on MP3 players for OTR, OTR conventions, clubs, newsletters, non-US sources, and info for new fans of OTR
History and Old-Time Radio Information about the development of old-time radio programs, as well as comments on the socio-political environment of the age. Also has a great collection of on- and off- line museums!
FAQs of Interest
Have a question about old radio programs or associated activities? Look here first for the answer.
Frequently Asked Questions and answers about OTR and associated activities. Information on topics ranging from eliminating squeak from old recorded tapes to using special antennas to receive OTR.
The Trading Post
Places you can obtain old radio programs and books.
Commercial Catalogs (tapes and CDs for sale)
See our sponsors
Private Libraries (tapes to trade).
Club Libraries (tapes for rent)
Books and DVDs Selected list of discounted OTR books and DVDs from
New Computers and
Old Time Radio
Shareware and Freeware Software from various sites for OTR Listeners/Collectors. Includes a worldwide search facility.
OTR Sights
No, not "pictures on the radio", but pictures just the same.
Pictures, soundbytes and stories about old-time radio stars and old radios
There is a rumor that pictures will soon be seen on something called "television". I visited the store, and this is what I saw.

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OTR Sounds
Short sound clips from the good ol' days, located both at this site and others. With the right equipment, you can hear the sounds as you read the page.
Local Sound Snippets.
  • OTR commercials
  • Famous weekly OTR program intros
  • Other memorable goodies from the 30's through the 60's (RA format).
  • There are even some midis of music from the times.
  • (Don't forget to listen to some of the short soundbytes you nominated too!)
Sound samples in various formats from other sites.
WWW Links
Jumping-off places for offsite info that didn't easily fit in my other categories.
Links to miscellaneous radio-related WWW and FTP sites with information useful to OTR enthusiasts. Airwaves Journal, antique radios, radio stations on the internet, "new-time" radio links, homepages of real and fictional OTR personalities.
Keeping In Touch
Save a stamp - communicate electronically!
Like to chat with other OTR fans in realtime? Get info on Lois Culver's #oldradio chat site here.
The and newsgroups are available on many (but not all) news servers.
Old-Time Radio Bulletin Boards:
In addition to the original Old-Time Radio Bulletin Board for general OTR discussions, there are several other old-time radio message boards for your enjoyment, including forums for old-time radio detectives, science fiction shows, kids' shows, soaps, and big band music. Yet another service to help keep OTR fans "connected".
Do you want your OTR news and views to be delivered to your electronic mailbox? Subscribe to the Internet OTR Digest mailgroup.
About Us
A little info (and bragging, too)!
History of OTR on The Net
Our Privacy Policy. What information we collect during each visit, and what we do with it.

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