Soapless Soap Operas

A post in the OTR Digest reminded me that not all "Soap Operas" were sponsored by soap / detergent products. Danny Goodwin ( and Jim Cox ( were kind enough to supply the following list of soapless soap opera shows - shows that were sponsored by NON-soap companies for at least part of their tenure:

Also see brand name table, below
A House In The Country Sustained
Abie's Irish Rose Special Drene Shampoo, Drene Shampoo
Arnold Grimm's Daughter Softasilk Cake Flour, Gold Medal Flour
Aunt Jenny's Real Life Stories Lever Bros., (a soap manufacturer) exclusively for Spry shortening, and by Campbell Soup Co.
Bachelor's Children (1941-1946) Colgate-Palmolive-Peet For Colgate Dental Cream Continental Baking Company For Wonder Bread
Backstage Wife Sterling Drugs 16 years, then P&G for its various soaps 4 years, followed by multiple sponsorship
Betty & Bob Gold Medal Flour, Wheaties, Bisquick
Billy & Betty Kix
Brenda Curtis Campbell Soup
By Kathleen Norris Wheaties
Carol Kennedy's Romance H.J. Heinz 57 Varieties
Clara, Lu, 'N Em (1942) Pillsbury Flour Mills Company For Pillsbury's Best, Pillsbury's Farina
Dan Harding's Wife National Biscuit Company
Doc Barclay's Daughters Personal Finance
Easy Aces Jad Effervescent Salt, Lavoris, Anacin
Follow The Moon Jergens Lotion, Pebeco Tooth Paste, Hinds Honey & Almond Fragrance Cream
Front Page Farrell American Home Products Corp. for full 13-year run
Girl Alone Kellogg's Cereals, Quaker Oats
Hilltop House 1937-1941: Colgate-Palmolive-Peet
1946-1957: Miles Labs, Pharmaco, Inc
Hotel For Pets Puss 'n Boots Cat Food
In Care Of Aggie Horn Sustained
Irene Rich Dramas Welch's Grape Juice, Welch's Grapelaide, Ry-Krisp
Jane Arden Ward Baking Company
Jenny Peabody F&F Cough Drops
John's Other Wife Edna Wallace Hopper Cosmetics, BiSoDol, Hill's Cold Tablets, Kolynos Tooth Paste
Judy & Jane Folgers Coffee
Just Plain Bill American Home Products Corp. 21 years, Miles Labs one year
Kate Hopkins, Angel Of Mercy Maxwell House
Kitty Foyle Wheaties
Lorenzo Jones Sterling Drugs 12 years, then P&G, then Colgate, then participating sponsors
Lum & Abner Quaker Oats, Horlick's Malted Milk, Postum, Alka Seltzer, One A Day, Nervine
Ma Perkins (1960) (Multiple Sponsors) A.E. Staley Manufacturing Company (Sta-Puf Laundry Rinse), Kellogg Company (Kellogg's All Bran)
Marie, The Little French Princess Louis Phillippe Cosmetics
Martha Webster [aka Life Begins] Campbell Soup
Masquerade 1st Format: Sustained
2nd Format: General Mills
Midstream Teel Liquid Dentifrice, Drene Shampoo
Molly Of The Movies Ovaltine
Mrs. Wiggs Of The Cabbage Patch Jad Effervescent Salt, Hill's Nose Drops, Old English Wax
One Man's Family Wesson Oil, Penn Tobacco, Standard Brands, Miles Labs, participating sponsors
Orphans Of Divorce Dr. Lyon's Tooth Powder
Our Gal Sunday American Home Products Corp. 5 years, Standard Brands 1 year, American Home Products Corp. 7 years, P&G 1 year, American Home Products Corp. 4 years, participating sponsors 4 years
Peggy's Doctor Delaware L&W Coal
Pepper Young's Family (Mid 1950'S) Procter & Gamble For Golden Fluffo Shortening) (Tide Was Also A Sponsor, But The Announcer Only Mentioned Fluffo)
Portia Faces Life General Foods for the full 11-year run
Pretty Kitty Kelly Wonder Bread, Hostess Cakes
Real Folks Vaseline Petroleum Jelly
Red Davis Beech Nut Packing Company
Rich Man's Darling JoCur Hair Setting Wave
Scattergood Baines Wrigley's Spearmint Gum
Society Girl Linit For The Bath, Kre-Mel Pudding Mix
Stella Dallas Sterling Drugs 16 years, participating sponsors 2 years
Stepmother Colgate All Purpose Tooth Powder, Cashmere Bouquet Talcum Powder & Cosmetics
Sweet River Stoy Soy Flour
The Affairs Of Dr. Gentry Sustained
The Career Of Alice Blair Flit, Daggett & Ramsdell Cosmetics, Mistol Nose Drops
The Carters Of Elm Street Ovaltine
The Couple Next Door (CBS 1957-1960) (Glamorene Liquid, Beech Nut Baby Food, & other products)
The Doctor's Wife Ex-Lax
The Guiding Light (1955-1956) Procter & Gamble (Gleem, Tide)
The Johnson Family Co-Op Local Sponsors
The Life Of Holly Sloan General Mills
The Life Of Mary Sothern Hinds Honey & Almond Fragrance Cream, Pebeco Tooth Paste, Ipana Tooth Paste
The Light of the World General Mills for the 10-year run
The Mystery Man Wheaties, Betty Crocker Soup Ingredients
The Open Door Royal Gelatin & Pudding
The Romance of Helen Trent Edna W. Hopper 6 years, American Home Products Corp. 16 years, Pharmaco Inc. 1 year, participating sponsors 4 years
Angelus Cosmetics, Bebefax Vitamins, Aerowax, Kriptin, etc.
The Song Of The Stranger Feen-a-mint
The Woman In White 2nd Format: Betty Crocker Soup Ingredients
This Day Is Ours Crisco
This Is Nora Drake Gillette Co. 5 years, multiple sponsors 1 year, Bristol-Myers Inc. 1 year, Gillette Co. 1 year, Bristol-Myers Inc. 1 year, participating sponsors 3 years.
This Life Is Mine Sustained
Thunder Over Paradise Mueller Macaroni, Sustained
Today's Children General Foods on local station 1 year, Pillsbury Co. 4 years, General Mills 7 years -- all 3 competitive food makers
Trouble House H.J. Heinz 57 Varieties
Valiant Lady Gold Medal Flour, Wheaties, Cheerioats
Way Down East Co-Op Local Sponsors
We Are Four Libby's Canned Foods
We Love & Learn 1942-1944: Post Cereals
We The Abbotts Nucoa, Hellmann's/Best Foods real Mayonnaise
Wendy Warren and the News General Foods 7 years, then P&G 1 year, followed by participating sponsors 3 years
When a Girl Marries Prudential Life Ins. Co. 2 years, General Foods 10 years, sustaining 12 weeks, General Foods 1 year, Durkee Foods 1 year, Carnation Co. 1 year, multiple sponsors 2 years
Young Dr.Malone General Foods (Post's Huskies, Post Toasties), Procter & Gamble (Crisco, Drene, Joy), [Multiple Sponsors] (Late 1950'S-1960) Campana, Lever Brothers, Scott Paper Company A.E. Staley Manufacturing Company (Sta-Puf Laundry Rinse), Sterling Drug (Dr. Caldwell's Senna Laxative), Beaumont Company (4 Way Cold Tablets)
Young Widder Brown Sterling Drugs 16 years, Gillette Co., sustained. (Phillips Tooth Paste, Haley's M-O)
Your Family & Mine Sealtest

CompanyBrand Name Advertised in Soaps
A.E. Staley Manufacturing CompanyStoy Soy Flour, Sta-Puf Laundry Rinse
American Home Products Anacin, Freezone, Bi-So-Dol, Kolynos, Neet, Infrarub, Kriptin, Heet, Dristan, Primatene, Preparation H, Sleep-Eze, Aerowax, Olde English, Easy-Off, Black Flag, Wizard, Sani-Flush, etc.
Campbell Soup CompanyCampbell Soup, Campbell's Tomato Juice, Franco American
Colgate-Palmolive-PeetColgate Dental Cream
Feen-A-Mint Pharmaco's leading product.
Folger Coffee CompanyFolgers Coffee
General FoodsMaxwell House Coffee
Gillette Co. Toni and Prom products.
Kellogg CompanyKellogg's Corn Flakes
Lever BrothersSpry, Lipton Soup
Libby, McNeill & LibbyLibby's Canned Foods
Miles Labs Alka-Seltzer, Bactine, Tabcin, One-A-Day, Chooz, Miles Nervine.
Personal Life Insurance CompanyPersonal Insurance
Pillsbury Flour Mills CompanyPillsbury's Best, Pillsbury's Wheat Bran,Pillsbury's Farina, Pillsbury's Sno-Sheen Cake Flour.
Procter & GambleDrene, Teel Liquid Dentifrice, Golden Fluffo, Gleem, Prell
Prudential Insurance Company Of AmericaPrudential Insurance.
Quaker Oats CompanyQuaker Oats, Mother's Oats
Standard Brands Snow Drift, Royal Pudding, Royal Gelatin, Fleischmann's Yeast, Chase & Sanborn, Tender Leaf Tea, etc.
Sterling Drugs Bayer, Phillips' Milk of Magnesia, Double Danderine, Haley's M-0, Campo-Phenique, Energine, Fletcher's Castoria, Ironized Yeast, Dr. Lyons, Mulsified Coconut Oil, ZBT, other remedies.