Help for a neighbor

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Help for a neighbor

Postby BobDe » Fri Nov 26, 2021 5:37 pm

Jeanne Elkins is one of my neighbors. She was a very young girl when she appeared in The Cavalcade Of America "Keepsakes".
I did manage to find that recording and played it for her, needless to say, her reaction was priceless...
She also appeared in several other plays that I have been unable to find.
She also has the original manuscripts for several of the plays she appeared in.
If you could help me find any of these plays, you would make an old woman very, very happy
Here is the list

Easy Aces 03/17 & 18/1943
The Radio Readers Digest 05/09/1943
The Shadow: Dance with Death 10/10/1943
David Harding Counterspy: Case of the Ainic 01/17/1945
Young Dr Malone 06/08/1945
The Aldrich Family: #510 11/10/1949 & #538 06/01/1950
The Cavalcade of America (Dress) “Keepsake” 01/30/1951
Dr Christian: The Homecoming 05/23/1951
Mind Over Menu 06/02/1953
The Gordon Nose 06/10/1953
Gangbusters: Case of the False Rubber Nose 03/12/1955
Treasury Agent: Case of the Friendly Fugitive 11/08/1955
Case of the Reluctant Roofer 11/22/1955

Thank You

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