Some archived "Old" OTR BBS Posts

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Some archived "Old" OTR BBS Posts

Postby Lou » Sat Dec 24, 2005 11:17 pm

The "Old" Original OTR BBS was online for several years before I had to replace the software. Many of the posts were both entertaining and educational. Unfortunately, the posts were not easily converted to the new BBS system.

Member "kkitow" (Ken Varga from volunteered to convert the old datafiles into a human-readable format, so visitors can read the often interesting and informative posts in the old BBSs.

Ken's "beta test" for the original "Main BBS" can be found here. Although the format does not match that of the old BBS, most of the content is there.

If you want to continue one of the threads in the old BBS, you are welcome to post in the appropriate section of the new one. Consider using the same title as the thread in the old BBS, so folks can relate the two.


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