Big Sister

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Big Sister

Postby Lou » Tue Oct 25, 2005 12:31 pm

On the Air: Sept. 14, 1936-Aug. 22, 1941, CBS, 11:30 a.m. ET; Aug. 25, 1941-June 21, 1946, CBS, 12:15 p.m.; June 24, 1946-Dec. 26, 1952, CBS, 1 p.m.

Ruth Evans Wayne: Alice Frost, Nancy Marshall, Marjorie Anderson, Mercedes McCambridge, Grace Matthews (1946-52) ... Dr. John Wayne: Martin Gabel, Paul McGrath, Staats Cotsworth ... Ned Evans: Michael O'Day ... Sue Evans Miller: Fran Carden, Peggy Conklin, Helen Lewis, Dorothy McGuire, Haila Stoddard ... Richard Wayne: Jim Ameche, Jr., Ruth Schafer ... Dr. Duncan Carvell: Santos Ortega ... Dr. Reed Bannister: David Gothard, Berry Kroeger, Ian Martin, Arnold Moss

Announcers: Jim Ameche, Nelson Case, Clayton (Bud) Collyer, Hugh Conover, Howard Petrie, Lee Stevens, Fred Uttal

Theme Song: "Valse Bluette" (Drigo)

Premise: Ruth Evans was the sister of a pair of younger siblings who were little more than emotional cripples. The three were orphaned sometime before the series went on the air in 1936. As the eldest, Ruth took charge of Neddie, who was also physically crippled, and Sue. As this trio grew older, the younger pair became so dependent on Ruth that they turned to her with virtually every concern. After Dr. John Wayne restored Neddie to health, the doctor divorced his wife and married Ruth. But the troubles she had experienced earlier were a mere prelude to what was to follow. John had a wanderlust that Ruth hadn't detected before. One day he quit his medical practice, announcing he was going to New York City to find himself, without Ruth and their young son, Richard. In addition to her patients, Ruth -- a nurse -- still had Neddie, Sue and Richard to cope with while staving off the amorous advances of Dr. Reed Bannister, who saw qualities in her that Dr. Wayne ignored. Even when the couple attempted to reconcile, John was plagued by intermittent bouts of amnesia, depression, rage, lust, jealousy and physical ailments. Despite her own forced isolation, Ruth was able to rise to every occasion, remaining an even-tempered counselor no matter how complicated the issue. Surprisingly, the program was sold only to rival soap manufacturers over its long run, a rarity in the annals of radio serials.

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Re: Big Sister

Postby Alessandra » Fri Jun 22, 2012 6:59 pm

Hi! I've been able to find only 35 episodes of "Big sister". But I would really love to listen more... Are they the only survived episodes? How can I do? Is there an expert or another big fan of this soap?

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