Wendy Warren and the News

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Wendy Warren and the News

Postby Lou » Tue Oct 25, 2005 12:27 pm

On the Air: June 23, 1947-Nov. 12, 1958, CBS, 12 noon ET

Wendy Warren: Florence Freeman ... Newscaster: Douglas Edwards (as himself) ... Gil Kendal: Les Tremayne ... Mark Douglas: Lamont Johnson ... Anton Kamp: Peter Capell ... Don Smith: John Raby ... Sam Warren: Rod Hendrickson ... Aunt Dorrie: Tess Sheehan

Announcer: Hugh James (as Bill Flood)

Theme Song: "My Home Town" (Clarke Morgan)

Premise: Critics found less to fault in this soap opera than in most others because it sustained a note of realism that many of its contemporaries didn't enjoy. A daily news broadcast within its confines added an air of legitimacy to the story line. The fact that the protagonist's career in journalism embraced electronic and print media required the action to reflect the day on which it was heard, unlike activity airing on peer dramas. Thus, 24 hours in the plot elapsed between one broadcast and the next. Weekends were just that: on Fridays, the heroine often told of her plans for Saturday and Sunday; on Monday, she recalled conversations she had had and places she had been in the interim. There was an occasional flashback sequence so that listeners could hear some important development that had transpired since Friday. It was a distinction that set this soap opera apart from the pack. Aside from that, the drama pursued issues not just of the heart but of intrigue and suspense. Wendy and her cohorts found themselves in a crusading mode, literally fighting against subversive forces that threatened to curtail our freedoms and bring down our government. The authors, Frank Provo and John Picard, turned out some of the best scripting among daytime dramas. Their uncanny ability to hold audiences with suspenseful verbiage contributed immeasurably to the popularity of this midday thriller.

Now let's hear from you if you were swept up in this daily dilly...

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Postby verheyden » Thu Sep 25, 2008 10:31 am

Hello Lou ... I'm looking for infromation about Tess Sheehan. She played Aunt Dorrie in "Wendy Warren and the news". I have found 14 items belonging to her! Actors equity I.D. Card, bunch of patches and pins form the stage door canteen and a " Gray lady" i.d. badge. I found these items at my recently deceased Aunt's home. I'm currius about this actress? could you help me? I'm 45 years old and no nothing about these radio programs...

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