The Great Radio Soap Operas

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The Great Radio Soap Operas

Postby Lou » Mon Oct 24, 2005 1:35 pm

Image Daytime soap operas definitely did not start with the advent of television. There were several very l o n g duration soaps during the great days of radio. Here is a place where you can discuss and learn more about them.

Jim Cox is a columnist for The Illustrated Press of New York's Old Time Radio Club, and for the NARA News. He also contributes to several other recognized OTR publications. One of Jim's books, The Great Radio Soap Operas (31 Classic Daytime Dramas, 1930-1960), was released by McFarland Publishers in Summer, 1999, and is available from many book dealers. Jay Hickerson called this book "the definitive work on radio soap opera"!

For a list and soundbytes of of many Old-Time Radio Soap Operas, check the OTR Soaps page. Jim's book is listed on our Read a Book on OTR Page.

I was able to manually cut and paste Jim's initial posting of many Soaps pages from the old BBS. Please consider discussing these soaps within their threads. You are welcome to start new threads as well!

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