Soap Opera Announcer Profiles

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Soap Opera Announcer Profiles

Postby Jim Cox » Fri Jan 19, 2007 4:18 pm

It occurred to me that many of you will be interested in the profusion of comprehensive biographies about the radio soap opera announcers which appear in my newest volume released in January 2007:

Narrators, News Junkies, Sports Jockeys, Tattletales, Tipsters, Toastmasters and Coffee Klatch Couples Who Verbalized the Jargon of the Aural Ether from the 1920s to the 1980s -- A Biographical Dictionary
by Jim Cox
Order from: 1-800-253-2187 (daytime, M-F) or (anytime)
$55 + $4 s/h

This 360-page hardbound volume contains extensive information on nearly 600 radio speakers, in particular focusing on network announcers, and also provides an appendix identifying another 600 similar but obscure radio personalities. Hundreds of these people have never appeared in biographies before; for the handful who have, you'll find much more factual and anecdotal detail here than previously published.

Among the soap opera announcers included, look for people like Jim Ameche, Pierre Andre, George Ansbro, Andre Baruch, Ford Bond, Nelson Case, Howard Claney, Harry Clark, Clayton (Bud) Collyer, Jack Costello, Bill Cullen, Dan Donaldson, Win Elliot, Fielden Farrington, Michael Fitzmaurice, Ed Fleming, James Fleming, Roger Forster, Don Hancock, Ed Herlihy, Durward Kirby, Harry Kramer, Roger Krupp, Charles Lyon, Franklyn MacCormack, Stuart Metz, Marvin Miller, Wendell Niles, Fort Pearson, Ted Pearson, Howard Petrie, George Putnam, Ron Rawson, Glenn Riggs, Ken Roberts, Louis Roen, Dan Seymour, Richard Stark, Warren Sweeney, Peter Thomas, Les Tremayne, Mike Wallace, Jimmy Wallington, Harlow Wilcox, and dozens more!

In addition, many of the personalities included in this volume did something else in radio that qualifies them for inclusion here. Hundreds were actors, and many of the famous and infamous names are documented in great detail.

The book is a "keeper," a treasure trove that every OTR hobbyist as well as researcher will want to have on the self of books to be consulted again and again. It may be ordered now for immediate shipment.

Jim Cox

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