Radio Soap Operas on CD

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Gael Force
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Radio Soap Operas on CD

Postby Gael Force » Fri Sep 08, 2006 6:35 pm

Would someone be able to tell me where I might purchase CDs of Old Time Radio Soap Operas? For some reason, I have only been able to find comedies and dramas.

Many thanks!

Larry M
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Postby Larry M » Sat Jan 13, 2007 9:44 am

I've had good luck at a couple of places. Bookzap ( has a two-CD set in mp3 format entitled "Soap Operas from Old Time Radio." Included are 624 episodes with long sequences of recordings from such well-remembered soaps as The Guiding Light, Ma Perkins and Backstage Wife as well as others.

Also, try ATG Enterprises (, which I think is one of the sponsors of this site. Two things I especially like about this dealer. First, all the shows are on standard CDs and therefore will play on about anything. I have a computer, two mp3 players and two standard CD players. The disks from ATG work just fine on all of them.

In addition, the selection of soap operas here is vast. Not only are the ones you can get from other sources well represented, but also available from ATG are multiple episodes of shows like Lora Lawton, Aunt Mary, Big Sister, Hilltop House, The Strange Romance of Evelyn Winters and Young Dr. Malone, which in my experience have been in short supply elsewhere. There are even some little known soaps that I had never encountered before, such as Dr. Paul and Linda's First Love.

The sound quality of recordings I have bought from both of these companies varies. Many episodes are as clear as if you were listening to a local AM station. Others are more difficult to understand, perhaps due to imperfections in the source tapes (headphones can help with these). The overall quality has been such that I have never seen fit to return anything to either dealer.

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