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Hello from Hushai

Postby Hushai » Fri Apr 08, 2011 1:58 am

Hi. While I think Old-Time Radio is just generally fascinating, I have one overriding reason for registering for this bulletin board. I would like to ask if anyone who reads this knows anything about a radio play that was aired, probably on a nationwide network and probably in the 1930's, which had as its theme the discovery of a warm green valley somewhere in Antarctica, where prehistoric animals and people could be found. There was a scene in this play (I think) in which an aviator was heard to exclaim with astonishment upon unexpectedly flying over this valley. I suspect that the play was inspired by the novel "Dian of the Lost Land," by Eddison Marshall, that was published in 1935, and/or by a quotation from Richard Byrd that appeared in a 1929 issue of Popular Mechanics. I think that this hypothetical radio play, if it actually was ever broadcast, served to start a rumor that is alive to this day to the effect that the real-life explorer Byrd found such a valley and broadcast a description of it. I think that it was, as I suggest, more probably a radio play that was pure fiction, but I have no idea, other than to ask for your help, about how to go about finding out if there ever was such a play. Any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated. -- Hushai

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