Availability of NTR Detective Series Broadcast Logs

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Availability of NTR Detective Series Broadcast Logs

Postby Stewart » Sat Jul 18, 2015 5:34 pm

Availability of NEW-Time Radio Detective Series Broadcast Logs

The following eight NEW-Time Radio (NTR) detective/amateur detective series broadcast logs in Adobe Acrobat PDF format are available at:
Old Time Radio Program Logs page

Dameron (PDF)
Harry Nile (PDF)
Hilary Caine Mysteries (PDF)
Kerides, The Thinker (PDF)
Raffles, The Gentleman Thief (PDF)
Strange Seeker, The (PDF)
Sherlock Holmes, The Classic Adventures of (PDF)
Sherlock Holmes, The Further Adventures of (PDF)

These broadcast logs document the various detective series produced by Jim French who has been writing, directing, and producing radio dramas since 1965. He has written and/or produced 950 shows and new shows are being added every month.

Until the advent of the syndicated Imagination Theatre by TransMedia on March 17, 1996, Jim's shows were usually only aired in the Seattle area. Jim French Productions assumed syndication operations from TransMedia in January, 2007. These shows are syndicated as part of Imagination Theatre on radio stations throughout the United States and worldwide over the Internet. The Jim French Productions web site can be found at:

These broadcast logs are the results of extensive research using Primary Sources such as all existing broadcasts. Also much information on these series has been supplied by Jim and Larry Albert of Jim French Productions and several of the primary writers of the various series.

These logs include much more than just listings of episode broadcast dates and titles. They also include episode availability status, extensive series background & description, cast, and crew information. All logs contain Sources Consulted references.

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