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Availability of OTR Detective Series Broadcast Logs

Posted: Thu Jul 16, 2015 1:00 pm
by Stewart
Availability of Old-Time Radio Detective Series Broadcast Logs

The following six Old-Time Radio detective/amateur detective series broadcast logs in Adobe Acrobat PDF format are available at:
Old Time Radio Program Logs page

The Line Up
Rocky Jordan
Jeff Regan, Investigator
21st Precinct

Much of the information contained in these broadcast logs has never been previously published.

These broadcast logs are the results of extensive research using Primary Sources such as all existing broadcasts; Participant Interviews, Episode Scripts; Property Purchase Records; and Music Cue Sheets. Also consulted were Secondary Sources such as newspaper daily radio programming listings and notes, trade magazine articles, and books on Old-Time Radio.

These logs include much more than just listings of episode broadcast dates and titles. They also include episode availability status, extensive series background & description, cast, and crew information. All logs contain Sources Consulted references.

Short episode plot summaries in the 21st Precinct and Pursuit broadcast logs are provided to help resolve discrepancies between the episode titles contained in this log and collector- and Armed Forces Radio and Television Service-assigned titles.

Common collector-assigned titles are listed following the actual episode titles in The Line Up log.

These broadcast logs are UPDATED as additional information about the series surface, such as new factual information or additional episodes coming into circulation.

There are over 250 Time Radio Program Logs available at the Old Time Radio Program Logs page
Many of these are for series in the Detective genre.

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