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Philip Marlowe's THE BIG SLEEP on Sounds Like Radio

Posted: Thu Jun 10, 2021 12:37 am
by Bingle
It's time for another classic Detective Story on Sounds Like Radio's Vast Library of Sound. This time it's the classic "Big Sleep" Philip Marlowe story by Raymond Chandler come to life on a special edition of Sounds Like Radio. And this isn't one of the Gerald Mohr shows either. Normally Sounds Like Radio is a place where we feature great music like you haven't heard in a long time along with a Gildersleeve show every single week, but in these special Library of Sound editions we go for detective showw, Jean Shepherd stories and all time classic great stories told by classic story tellers.

The latest Library of Sound Volume 11 features THE BIG SLEEP in a radio production that closely follows the book. OK, now enjoy it if you dare.
Here's where the mystery begins: