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Big Band Radio Shows on Internet

Posted: Wed Dec 28, 2005 3:42 pm
by Hal Evans
For those of us who hunger and thirst to hear the big band radio shows,
may I suggest you access WNAR internet radio early morning. I can't
exactly recall the times. But this morning at about 3am Central time I
heard Benny Goodman with Martha Tilten from the Hotel Pennsylvania
in New York. The sound was incredible! Hail analog sound! Then there was
some kind of salute to the armed forces during WW2 with Ginger Rogers
reading letters from GIs and singing. I will say that a well-recorded original analog band recording beats any digital original recording. No
matter what the pro-digital folks say, there is intermodulaiton distorition
on digital band or full orchestra recordings. Digiital can't handle the peaks
like analog can. You can lay down a very hot signal on analog & it will not break up like digital. I don't think the digital meters "see" all the peaks
over "zero." In analog, "zero" is just a marker. You can go into the red
and not cause distortion annoying to the listener's ears. :) Happy New
Year, everyone! :)