We the People recordings?

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We the People recordings?

Postby uncleagt » Mon Aug 30, 2010 1:50 pm

I'm looking to find recordings of the We the People series, particularly one specific episode from June of 1947. Does anyone know if such recordings exist, and if so, where I might access them? Thanks all.

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Re: We the People recordings?

Postby shanct » Thu Jul 21, 2011 5:11 pm

I am looking for the same show, but an episode from Oct. 25, 1936. We have the old metal record but it is difficult to hear. The center label says the date, "Phil Lord Presents", "WE THE PEOPLE", "Station WJZ", and the name of the episode. Also on the bottom are recording company name, address, and phone number. If you get any info I miss, please copy me. Thanks.

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Re: We the People recordings?

Postby maille_man » Sun Dec 27, 2015 10:33 pm

I would like to know what the name of the show is from that disc you have. I am building a excel spreadsheet of otr shows and We The People is my current project. Also if you have any shows, would you be interested in trading?

Here is the spreadsheet so far. If you can update or correct anything please let me know.....

We The People Show # Date Title
We The People 00-00-00 Salute To U.S. Navy
We The People 36-10-04 First Broadcast Show
We The People 36-10-25
We The People 37-04-18 Dinosaur Tracks [Burgess Meredith]
We The People 37-05-16
We The People 37-10-07
We The People 37-10-21
We The People 38-05-12
We The People 38-09-27
We The People 39-01-31 Interview With James A. Naismith, Inventor Of Basketball
We The People 40-02-06 Daughter Of Lillian Russell
We The People 40-09-03
We The People 40-09-10
We The People 41-07-01 Guests Dave Ballard (7' 7') and Jack Einhorn (5' 1') Compare
We The People 41-07-08 Tobruk
We The People 41-10-21 Elderly Lumberjacks From Michigan Visit New York City
We The People 41-10-28 A Visit By James Mooney, An Actor Appearing In 'Arsenic And Old Lace'
We The People 41-11-25 Eddie Dowling Introduces 'Silent' Film Star Hobart Bosworth
We The People 41-12-09 Arthur Menkin, Just Back From The Pacific, Describes Japan And
We The People 41-12-20 Host Eddie Dowling Interviews A 24 Year Old Aircraft Assembly Line Worker
We The People 42-00-00 Salute To U.S. Marines
We The People 42-02-24 Doctor Margaret Chung Tells About Her Two Loves, China And American
We The People 42-03-03 Janet Blair And A Jilted Solder Are Going Out On A Date
We The People 42-03-10
We The People 42-04-26
We The People 44-03-19 Admiral Chester Nimitz Speaks From Honolulu
We The People 44-05-13
We The People 44-06-18
We The People 44-08-27 Cecil Kearns Speaks From Paris
We The People 45-05-17 Irving Berlin Tells The Story Behind 'Heaven Watch The Philippines'
We The People 45-06-24 Red Cross Volunteer
We The People 47-01-26
We The People 47-05-17
We The People 47-06-11 Woman Of The Year
We The People 47-06-24
We The People 48-11-23
We The People 49-01-26 Life On Mars
We The People 49-10-25
We The People 49-10-25
We The People 49-11-04
We The People 49-11-04
We The People 49-11-18 Clyde Tombaugh, Famous Astronomer Remembered For Discovering Pluto
We The People 49-11-18
We The People 50-09-22
We The People 50-09-28
We The People 51-01-25 Final Broadcast
We The People Superman Discussion With Siegel And Shuster

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