Celebrate Thanksgiving & Christmas on Sounds Like Radio!

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Celebrate Thanksgiving & Christmas on Sounds Like Radio!

Postby Bingle » Wed Nov 25, 2020 10:34 pm

Some great Thanksgiving specials on the Sounds Like Radio podcast, all free, of course. A whole lot of great Thanksgiving related surprise features on my main Thanksgiving show I called the "Extravaganzy", music, funny Thanksgiving poems a great prayer from the original Matt Dillon and of course a Great Gildersleeve episode. Hope everyone gets a chance to listen to the extravaganzy show, it's a great way to celebrate together even as the storm troopers break down our doors to make sure we don't have more people than dem tyrannical rulers have commanded. Sorry to get political but things are getting bad in the formerly free US of A.

Also advance notice there will be some terrific different Christmas specials coming every week all thru December & starting this Friday. Vintage Christmas surprise music you may never have heard before along with a different Christmas Gildy in each Sounds Like Radio Christmas special. Celebrate as best we can on Sounds Like Radio. As they say, We Need A Little Christmas Right Now. Here's the place to be:

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