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Now A New Show Every Week!

Postby Bingle » Thu Oct 15, 2020 6:46 pm

Hello Folks,
A little news to report about my Sounds Like Radio podcast, I will now be posting one new show every week! Sometimes I'll post bonus extra shows like the recent Burgess Meredith reading of a Ray Bradbury story and also posted 2 of the Jean Shepherd original radio shows I recorded back in the 1970's. But I will always post one new Great Gildersleeve edition of Sounds Like Radio along with the Greatest Music This Side of Heaven. :P

P.S. :!: Also this month don't miss the Halloween Special featuring some spooky tales from Boris Karloff, Hitchcock & a radio scare master surpise along with great Halloween songs & naturally a Halloween GIldy to boot. It's a goodie and on for a limited time only. :o

I hope you find these shows fun and entertaining and sometimes you may even hear a song you either have never heard or haven't heard in decades. Here's the podcast site, as always, it's free and it's there for you:

You know, I've been listening to the Great Gildersleeve ever since the 1970's, back then from cassette tapes I recorded. I used to always add to the end of those 30 min. tapes a 3 minute ending to each show on the tape by introducing one song that went with the show I just recorded. Then in the 1990's I started making 90 min Sounds Like Radio tapes featuring 3 shows with added songs along with my patter. I had to edit out the commercials for those 90 min shows to fit in music then. Then later in the early 2000's I made CDs of my Sounds Like Radio Gildersleeve shows featuring 2 shows and music. I sent out those tapes and CDs to a couple people I knew who liked Gildersleeve. Now doing these Sounds Like Radio shows for the podcast I no longer have to edit out the original commercials. So I've been doing this type thing for a long time and I'm still not tired of it. In fact I love it. So I hope you'll listen along with me and enjoy these programs as much as I do in making them.

If you have a song request, let me know here and if I have it I'd be glad to play it on a future show.
Thanks So Much,
Your Humble Host

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