Now More Music & Gildy with Brand New Pod 8/14/20 Postings!

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Now More Music & Gildy with Brand New Pod 8/14/20 Postings!

Postby Bingle » Fri Aug 14, 2020 10:20 pm

Some good news folks, I have just posted today 3 all new editions of Sounds Like Radio! And so many good and rarely heard songs in these 3 new shows I’m burstin’ with happiness. And of course more Great Gildersleeve and the current storyline of, what I call, the Baby Saga.

Hope you all have had a chance to listen, I now feature more music both before and after the Great Gildersleeve, I always try to pick songs you may not have heard before or haven’t heard in a real long time and would really love hearing again. So that’s my goal and also providing a good time and a laugh along the way.

By the way if you have been listening I’d really love to know your reaction. One thing about doing this I have no idea what people think or what they are liking the most. Always love to hear reactions from you folks who listen in.

And with that it's Happy Listening time right here, and as always all is free and nothing to sign in or join, just listen and enjoy here:

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