2 New Shows for the 4th of July On Sounds Like Radio!

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2 New Shows for the 4th of July On Sounds Like Radio!

Postby Bingle » Wed Jul 01, 2020 4:32 pm

Howdy Folks,

Just found out my status has been upgraded :) and that I should now post here. So here I be & now I'll repeat my new message from 6/29/20 that I originally left in Announcements.

It's your old "Humble Host" and a special 4th of July announcement. I just created 2 special 4th of July Sounds Like Radio programs to my podcast. One of them is a vintage Sounds Like Radio program I've taken out of the vault, it features all the stuff you like, great July 4 music that you'll love and this time 2 different July 4 Great Gildersleeve episodes and I'm sure you won't want to miss a special appearance by the one and only Kate Smith!

The second July 4 podcast is a short and sweet special show I just created for July 4th, it features the annual Paul Harvey July 4th message, a message he did every year on the 4th which teaches an important real lesson in our history and the other little message included in this Special messages short show is from John Wayne as he teaches a very important lesson to remember. This is a short show only 15 min. and not my typical Gildy and music show, but a real appropriate show for this wonderful July 4th holiday. I do hope you'll give both shows a listen over the next few days. Both these shows are meant for July 4th time so after July I'll take them both down till next year again.

I sincerely hope you'll enjoy these shows, they're fun to listen to and in this case learn from too. A double whammy!

Here's THE place to be, and as always, no need for any signing in and everything is free, just click on any show and start listening. Enjoy it all here:


Happy 4th of July!
Your Humble Host

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