Old Time Radio Round Robin- The Lone Ranger

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Old Time Radio Round Robin- The Lone Ranger

Postby radioron » Thu Jul 12, 2018 5:09 pm


My name is Ron and I run an OTR Round Robin. Right now we are distributing CDs of "The Lone Ranger".
The CDs are transferred from excellent condition transcription discs with each member getting 20 CDs
every month to 6 weeks that they copy and pass on the the next member. The cost of each round
for our members is $15 per CD for a total of $300. The $300 cost is divided by our 7 members so
each member pays $42.85. This money gets paid to the engineer in charge of the project who copies
the transcriptions to CDs and sends out the package of 20 CDs to Joe, the first member of our club.
Joe makes a 2nd set of CD ( one for the East Coast and one for the West Coast). The more members
we get in the club the less it costs each member to participate. Since we just lost 2 of our original
9 members because of personal matters, I am looking to expand the Round Robin.

If interested, e-mail me at octave1@optonline.net or on this bulletin board and I'll be happy to answer
any additional questions you may have.



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Re: Old Time Radio Round Robin- The Lone Ranger

Postby gbrebner » Thu May 16, 2019 12:05 pm

Hi Ron:

Have you got a list of the shows in the Round Robin? I may be interested. I guess I am ultimately looking for episode: Lone Ranger "Guilty Knowledge" 3/27/1950. This was one of the first episodes of OTR I ever heard. But I do collect other Lone Ranger episodes, just have not been able to find that particular one.

Thank you.


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