Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself . . .

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Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself . . .

Postby EasyAce » Wed Sep 02, 2009 9:04 pm

. . . I'm not a man of wealth, though I like to think I'm a man of taste---proof of which is, I joined an old-time radio bulletin board!

I am, however, as nutzo as an old-time radio nut can get. My credentials include:

a) I have a collection of near five thousand old-time radio shows and counting.

b) I have a small but growing library of books on the subject. (Yes, it includes Mr. Dunning's On the Air: The Encyclopedia of Old-Time Radio . . . but it also includes books by Goodman Ace, Fred Allen, Red Barber, Henry Morgan, Leonard Maltin, and Edward R. Murrow, among others.)

c) I write a blog about old-time radio whose subtheme is: Standing athwart nostalgia, yelling "Art!"

d) I do old-time radio on the radio! I have a weekly show in Las Vegas, Monday nights at nine PDT on KLAV-AM, on which I do a lot of (mostly) low-keyed humour; a little blues or bluesy jazz (as in, the jazzmen who never forgot the blues); and, one or two old-time radio shows with a new-time twist---I don't play the nostalgia angle. None of that Golden. Age. Of. Radio. chazerei. Nothing against nostalgia or GAOR chazerei, but everyone doing old-time radio programming on the radio today does it, and I'm not exactly a pack wolf. So . . . I just drop in an old-time radio show on the date it aired in the first place (and, to the best of my knowledge, I'm the only such radio host who does it that way, though I hope not, personally) and, except for giving cast and writing credits (we writers must stick together!) where the original broadcast didn't and I have the information, I stay out of your way and let you listen to an old-time radio show not as clanking nostalgia but as living, breathing art.

I'm pleased to meet you!

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