Hello! & a question for rLive365ers

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Hello! & a question for rLive365ers

Postby Rosey » Fri Aug 22, 2008 5:06 pm

Hi Everyone!

Just discovered this BB, and also archive.org.
I think I just went to heaven!

Old time radio has been a great love of mine for years, but limited to the occasional broadcast on a local radio station.

I particularly like BBC radio cause ithey broadcast lots of ithe old, great classics, but now I found them on archive.org, so I am really happy! :D

Some of my old favorites from the BBC are Round the Horne and Beyond our Ken, and the not so old Agatha Christies and Dorothy Sayers mysteries.

I see that several of you have Live365 stations of your own. I have found that when I tune in to a Live365 station I get a bunch of spam and garbage stuck on my computer. I have stopped visiting Live365.
Anyone else have this problem?

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