Hi, new from Georgia

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Hot Georgia
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Hi, new from Georgia

Postby Hot Georgia » Mon Feb 26, 2007 6:58 pm

Hi i'm Steve from Georgia.

I've always loved listening to old radio and just found this OTR BB and thought I'd join up.

My interest began many years ago, as I collect and repair old radios from the teens through the 1980's, my collection is online here:

Quite a while back I assembled an AM transmitter kit and some OTR tapes to broadcast through my antiques, so they can be more authentic when we have a get-together with friends, and is how I got started in the hobby.

I've collected gigs and gigs of OTR which I have on CDR and although I only listened (so far) to a few, they are most entertaining.

Personally I'm interested in all old technology, I drive a hybrid car and am a moderator over at greenhybrid.com.
Married to a wonderful wife of 14 years with 3 kids, work for the phone company repairing DSL internet circuits etc etc etc.

Anyway I just wanted to introduce myself.


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