Let me introduce myself

If you wish, you can introduce yourself here; or welcome new members with a quick note.
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Let me introduce myself

Postby aussiedavid » Wed Oct 25, 2006 1:02 am


After months of searching the net for "chickenman and the tooth fairy" I discovered a whole new world, that is old time radio.

I am currently a new member of the OTR forum and I stumbled across this forum whilst searching for Logs of Bulldog Drummond, to no avail.

Chickenman aside, my main interests now are Police, (Dragnet, the best), Detective etc and Adventure, just love "Bold Venture" with HB and LB. Also like spooky stuff, but I think the British do that a lot better than us Aussies and you guys.

I look forward to my stay here.

Best regards,


From Australia (Next to New Zealand!)

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