Signing on from Eastern Central Georgia, USA!

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Signing on from Eastern Central Georgia, USA!

Postby mcrtc » Mon Jun 26, 2017 3:25 pm

Hello all!

I'm an avid fan of OTR, and have recently gotten together with a couple of friends to form a performance group for GAOR shows. We're going to start small, developing a few scripts from original stories to be presented to a live audience, from the "studio" of a 1930s era radio station, as if the audience were peering in through a window.

We're located in Georgia, and are working on obtaining the very few props we will need (old time microphones, tables, and the like) along with period-appropriate clothing.

I'm hoping to take advantage of the wealth of knowledge here, in terms of selecting scripts for production and performances. When I have questions, I'll ask, and thanks for all the answers!

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