Book on OTR Westerns Now Available

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Book on OTR Westerns Now Available

Postby Stewart » Mon Nov 11, 2013 9:01 pm

Radio Rides the Range
A Reference Guide to Western Drama on the Air, 1929-1967,
is NOW AVAILABLE in both softback and E-Book formats.

Radio Rides the Range magnificently fills a major gap in Old-Time Radio knowledge!
This book, edited by Jack French and David S. Siegel, is the result of a more
than two-year collaborative effort by 20 Old-Time Radio writers.

Radio Rides the Range covers over 100 western drama series.
Each series entry contains:
- listings of alternate names of the show (if appropriate),
- its network or syndication format
- duration of broadcast run
- sponsor (if any)
- number of audio copies available
- where the scripts are archived (if known)
- background information
- the extent to which it was based on actual facts
- the audience it was written for
- how the program reflected society's changing social and cultural attitudes towards
- racial and ethnic minorities and the role of women.

Additionally, 61 obscure western programs for which the editors were unable to secure
sufficient background information to warrant a series entry are also listed.

There are 25 photographs in the book some of which have never appeared in print before,
while a few others have not been published in the last 50 years, including some
CBS rehearsal and publicity pictures.

The softback version of this book has one of the most extensive and detailed Indexes ever assembled
in an OTR resource. Over 1,200 individual names, programs, etc.

You can find out much more information on Radio Rides the Range
by going to:

The Kindle edition of Radio Rides the Range is AVAILABLE for $16.49 at ... oldtimerad

The Softback edition of Radio Rides the Range is AVAILABLE for $47.75. at ... oldtimerad

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