The Old Time Radio Horror Host Handbook (Kurt Kuersteiner)

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The Old Time Radio Horror Host Handbook (Kurt Kuersteiner)

Postby Monsterwax » Tue Aug 17, 2010 8:07 pm

(Dark Voices from Radio's Golden Era of Sci-Fi & Horror)

Large 8.5 x 11" paperback. 125 pages. Includes over 190 black and white photos/ illustrations. Lots of editorial and summaries of information gathered from all sorts of sources (all cited).

$11.95 retail.

No kiddie Sci-fi serials, just the serious anthology shows like X Minus One, 2000 Plus, and others. The bulk (over 80 entries) is really about the Horror programs, both well known and truly obscure, with a special emphasis being placed on the hosts who we came to associate most with these anthology programs.

Era covered: 1930-1962.

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