GANGBUSTERS, first ever book!

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GANGBUSTERS, first ever book!

Postby Lou » Mon Oct 24, 2005 1:26 pm

For anyone wanting information about GANG BUSTERS, the 700 page book is now available. GANG BUSTERS: THE CRIME FIGHTERS OF AMERICAN BROADCASTING features a lengthy history of the radio / television series including highlights of exciting and thrilling cases, controversal cases, dramas with bloopers, fan mail reprinted, story submissions rejected, biography about Phillips H. Lord (the creator of the series) and much more. You can learn how Lord publicly proposed to use GANG BUSTERS to endorse a National Fingerprinting Program. You can learn about the criminals serving time who had injunctions served against GANG BUSTERS in attempts to prevent their crimes from being dramatized. You can learn about the details of Valentine and Schwartzkopf's hosting chores (and the two actors who played Schwartzkopf on the show). Also included is an episode guide for short-run radio programs also created by Lord such as PHILIP MORRIS THRILLS (1935-36) and SKY BLAZERS (1940). Also included is an episode guide for all 1,008 radio broadcasts, with titles, airdates, episode numbers, guest narrators, plots, etc. Same for the television series, 1942 Matinee Serial and two GANG BUSTERS movies. If you do a search for GANG BUSTERS on Google, you won't find much of anything so this 700 page book should just about do the trick.

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