Radio Mystery and Adventures and Its Appearances

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Radio Mystery and Adventures and Its Appearances

Postby Lou » Mon Oct 24, 2005 1:02 pm

Radio Mystery and Adventures and Its Appearances in Film, Television and Other Media Published by McFarland.

This book by Jim Harmon details 14 different radio mystery and adventure juvenile series including Captain Midnight, Green Hornet, I Love A Mystery, The Lone Ranger, The Shadow and others. With introductions by Carlton E. Morse, Jack Lester and Les Tremayne, the book focuses on the creation, the production history, some of the stars and creators all in narrative form. Mr. Harmon also provides some program details as well as the appearance in television and film of these shows. He also includes a listing of premiums the series offered and their value at the time of the books publish date.

The book is somewhat steep in price, but well worth the cost for the collector of any of these series. Mr. Harmon's comments are welcome as he himself has been around the Old Time Radio world for many years and has much knowledge to offer.

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