The History of the Cavalcade of America

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The History of the Cavalcade of America

Postby Lou » Mon Oct 24, 2005 12:56 pm

Me again. This one is called "The History of the Cavalcade of America" and how appropriate the title. Also authored by Martin Grams, Jr. I suspect Dupont had something to do with this book besides sponsoring the program as their name is on the cover, larger than the author's name. This is the bible of Cavalcade. I only have about two dozen episodes of Cavalcade
of America and never really got into this program. But after reading this book (which does not have a very lengthy history - about 50 pages), I now have a want list to search for! The photos are pretty rare, and this is definately the book I have to say has "too much" in it. There is no way I can digest each and every word and remember it all. The broadcast log is much more comprehensive than most of his publications, one episode, "Road to Victory," actually features a cast list of almost 100 people! Counting the plot description, trivia, script writer and so on, that episode alone took up the whole page! I had no idea that there was any children's text books called "Cavalcade of America," and the television broadcast log features not only all of the plot descriptions, but also the titles of the commercials as well!
Hands off to Mr. Grams for this one, which even has an index! My questions are this. 1. Does anyone have copies of the television episodes? I am curious to watch some. 2. Why is this book not in Old Time Radio catalogs like Radio Spirits? I had to order mine through

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