Gunsmoke: The Myth of the Prime-Time Repeats

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Gunsmoke: The Myth of the Prime-Time Repeats

Postby Stewart » Wed May 03, 2006 6:57 pm

Gunsmoke: The Myth of the Prime-Time Repeats
By Stewart Wright

Gunsmoke is one of the most honored series from the Golden Age of Radio. However, many fans of the series have not listened to or collected a substantial number of episodes because of a myth that has existed for many years.

Simply, that there were 64 "rerun" or "repeat" Prime-Time episodes during the original run of Gunsmoke (04/26/1952 - 06/18/1961.)
Several series broadcast logs and Old-Time Radio books list these Gunsmoke episodes as "reruns" or "repeats."

My Monograph, Gunsmoke: The Myth of the Prime-Time Repeats, conclusively proves that there were No "Prime-Time Repeats" of this Radio series.

After research conducted over a period of years, I determined that all of the so-called Gunsmoke "Prime-Time Repeats" were actually new productions of previously used Gunsmoke scripts. I base the preceding statement on having acquired and listened to all Gunsmoke episodes in circulation and having consulted nearly 350 Gunsmoke radio scripts.

The Monograph contains detailed information on each of the so called Gunsmoke "Prime-Time Repeat" episodes that will help fans to identify the various productions of reused scripts. The information includes the differences between the original and later productions of these so called "repeat" episodes such as cast and crew, dialog, and plot line. The Monograph also includes Sidebars on
- The Reluctant Westerner - John Dehner,
- Kitty's Places of Employment,
- Origins of Doc's and Chester's Names, and
- Norman Macdonnell's Gunsmoke Stock COmpany.

Gunsmoke: The Myth of the Prime-Time Repeats
The Monograph is 120 pages (25,000 words) in length
- has a comprehensive Table of Contents,
- is fully indexed, and
- is spiral bound.
$20.00 which includes shipping and handling in the United States.
Method of Payment:
Checks or Money Orders are acceptable. I Do Not accept PayPal or credit cards.

If you wish to purchase a copy, please contact me with an email message through this forum. To access the email function, you must be a registered user of the Old-Time Radio BBS Forum and logged in.

Signing off for now,

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Postby Lou » Sat May 20, 2006 11:04 am

Gunsmoke was one of the better-known OTR shows that were heard between 1952 and 1961. During that period, there were many repeat broadcasts of previous episodes. Most logs of the show claim there were 64 reruns during Prime Time, plus many rebroadcasts at other times. Many collectors, therefore, expunge those "repeats" from their collection.

However, some of those "repeats" were not really replays of older episodes, and both the logs and collectors were in error!

Stewart Wright, one of the moderators / hosts of this discussion forum, and a well-respected contributor to many OTR publications, spent several years in compiling his monograph entitled Gunsmoke, The Myth of the Prime-Time Repeats. This well-done, 104-page document proves there were no "Prime Time repeats" of Gunsmoke. Stewart has identified 200 true repeats, but concludes those shows were not rebroadcast during prime time. He further proves the 64 misidentified "repeats" were actually productions of reused scripts rather than rebroadcasts of previous episodes.

This fine example of OTR historical research would be an excellent addition to collectors' libraries. In addition to citing excerpts and showing specifics from each of the supposedly repeated shows, Stewart includes additional information on Kitty, Doc, Chester, and other aspects of the show.

If you are a Gunsmoke collector, this document is a "must buy", to enable you to accurately complete your collection. If you collect any other series, the document shows the methodology used to differentiate re-productions from re-broadcasts.

You may order the monograph directly from Stewart, at a cost of $20.00 (includes s/h in the US). Contact him by clicking on the "email" button at the bottom of his original message.

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