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Offerings for old-time radio fans are continuing to expand on the WWW. The Internet OTR Digest first appeared in 1994, soon followed by the original old-time radio web pages. In 1996, OTR fans first saw #OldRadio, a chat channel specifically for them. In early 1997, alt.binaries.sounds.radio.oldtime (a binaries group intended for distribution digital versions of public domain OTR shows) appeared. Later that year, alt.radio.oldtime (a newsgroup intended for OTR-related discussions) also became available. The latter two groups were created by Arnold Moy, but significant work in assuring their distribution was done by Dave Ratcliffe.

For various reasons, the two alt. groups did not appear on many news servers. Dave Ratcliffe has assumed the burden of correcting this problem, by informing newsserver administrators of the intent and content of the two groups. You might be able to see some of the content of alt.radio.oldtime by searching Google. You can do this quickly by clicking on the link below.

Here are the two charters, as originally written by Dave:

alt.binaries.sounds.radio.oldtime alt.radio.oldtime
alt.binaries.sounds.radio.oldtime is an unmoderated group for the posting of audio files directly related to Old Time Radio (OTR). This can be sound clips or complete programs in whatever encoding technique the poster wishes to use.

Conversations regarding postings in this group should be directed to the companion group, alt.radio.oldtime. This can include notices of postings in this group.
alt.radio.oldtime is for discussion of Old Time Radio (OTR). This includes, but is not limited to, program details, anecdotes, network histories, program evolutions, sources for current OTR sound files, recordings and other relevant materials.

Binaries are not allowed and should be posted to the companion binary group, alt.binaries.sounds.radio.oldtime, with pointers to them posted here.

The two newsgroups are unmoderated. That means just about anybody can post anything they want. Most visitors follow "netiquette", however, and keep their postings on-topic.

Readers interested in the alt.binaries.sounds.radio.oldtime FAQ can view an online copy.

If you would like to see the charters revised or expanded, send an email to Dave , and pass along your suggestions. If your newsadmin has not as yet made these newsgroups available at your site, you can send him/her an email requesting they be made available. See the documentation that accompanied your internet service provider's subscription for the email address. Alternately, call your ISP's help desk.

As knowledge of the OTR facilities on the WWW grows, more current and potential OTR fans can interact, and benefit each other. The current list of USENET newsgroups, each with downloadable sound files, is:

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