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If you are interested in the evolution of "selling it", using the medium at hand, you will probably enjoy Danny's work. Send him an email at either his primary email address of dg125gra@hotmail.com or his secondary email address, to encourage further articles of this type.
If you would like to see a BBS at this site, where discussions of early radio commercials could take place, send an email to the webmaster.

From the small mill town of Lincoln, Maine (about 50 miles north of Bangor), Danny Goodwin would be considered among the first generation of the "New Generation" old time radio fans. He didn't have the opportunity to hear the radio programs firsthand because he was born in 1954. Despite this minor problem, he would become a fan of old time radio with the help of his mother, Kathryn B. Goodwin.

When Danny was about 11, his mother would tell him about the wonderful things she heard on her radio. She also mentioned how much she loved the commercials for Lifebuoy Health Soap--- complete with the foghorn and "B.O." sound effects. This was where a small bud was beginning to blossom in young Danny's head concerning the subject of old time radio.

His interest would take on a new dimension when he heard his first old time radio program on cassette tape in 1977. As time went on, he would collect more cassettes of many different radio programs.

In 1988, Danny combined his talent to program a computer (in BASIC language) with the information he had on old time radio in magazines, cassettes, and other radio books. He would begin his own personal research on radio programming and radio advertising. The technology has changed since 1988, and he has modernized his work with those changes. He has now accumulated over 60 binders of information on different subjects of old time radio and radio advertising.

Of the different subjects, putting the radio jingles, sayings, and excerpts into print is Danny's personal favorite, because his mother loved the Lifebuoy commercials. With his keen awareness of radio sponsors, Danny would develop himself into an expert on radio advertising. His expertise would lead him to a nationwide audience of old time radio fans. He took part in a panel discussion on radio commercials and advertising at the 1992 Friends Of Old Time Radio convention in Newark, New Jersey with John Rayburn and Dick Beals (a.k.a. "Speedy Alka Seltzer").

Today, Danny has dedicated all his research on radio advertising to the memory of his mother.

Danny also has a website of his own. As with most websites, this one is under continual development. You might want to check his section on Old Time Radio Research, including information on the highest rated radio programs (in ratings numbers) during the golden age and of each individual radio network; as well as featured stories on some favorite old-time radio sponsors.

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