New Chlorophyll Tablets
"Ennds" Odor


"Take "Ennds" today, chase `Triple O' away."
                                                                         --- Carl Caruso



Lincoln, Me. (DG)---

Among the major American companies, there have been phases with specific products.  For example, if a company originated a product no one had ever seen before, it was a sure bet the competition also had their own products of the same type.  The particular phase we're going to talk about took place during the early and mid 1950's.  It brought in some green for the companies that took part in this experiment.  It also made the companies that didn't take part green with envy for a brief time.  As you might have guessed already, it was the chlorophyll phase.

Chlorophyll was the stuff plants used in manufacturing their food.  At the time, there were claims it could also eliminate odors on anything or anyone it came in contact with--- including the human body.  Life Magazine conducted an article on the chlorophyll craze.  Among the products pictured on the first page of the article consisted of chlorophyll tablets, tooth paste, tooth powder, and mouthwash.  Other products pictured were chlorophyll cough drops (smelly coughs?), mints, gum, air freshener, cigarettes, toilet paper (use your imagination on that one!), deodorant, inner soles for shoes, and dog food.  One of the pictures in the article featured a scientist giving a skunk a chlorophyll tablet.  It was strictly a publicity gag, because it wasn't known at the time if the chlorophyll could control the odors of a skunk.  Whether or not it did, there was an explosion of chlorophyll products for human use and consumption.

"Ennds" Chlorophyll TabletsWhile the majority of the chlorophyll products were supposed to stop odor in specific areas of the human anatomy, there was a product that stopped every odor on or in the human body.  This product was "Ennds" Chlorohpyll Tablets, one of the very first chlorophyll products to hit the market.

Listeners of the popular CBS comedy series MY FRIEND IRMA heard about this amazing product.  While soaps and dentifrice stopped odors in specific areas, just an "Ennds" tablet eliminated all odors throughout the human body for a whole day.  That meant bad breath, stinky feet, and human stink were all completely stifled by "Ennds."  Even on those days when the human body was stressed or when the weather was hot and humid, "Ennds" kept the stink in complete check.  It didn't matter if the person ate a sandwich consisting of onions, sardines, Limburger cheese, garlic, pickles, and peanut butter---  "Ennds" controlled the bad breath, but unfortunately couldn't do anything about the person's weird taste in food.

What sets "Ennds" apart from other chlorophyll products was the type of chlorophyll it used.  Its green stuff was referred to "Darotol," which was Pearson Pharmacal Company's (the makers of "Ennds") own brand of chlorophyllins.

In order to get the message across about this amazing tablet, a series of commercials were introduced with an adversary that made "B.O." look like a sissy.  While "B.O." focused only on the body's external odor, "Ennds" enemy, "Triple O," had 3 different types of odors--- body, breath, and the infamous personal odors that resided both inside and outside of the human body.  Just 1 "Ennds" tablet eliminated all 3 sources of Triple O within minutes.  What was left was a definite "Fresh As A Daisy" feeling.

The only problem with phases, it gathered momentum after it became known, but would eventually run of out gas and disappear.  The chlorophyll phase of the 1950's was no exception.  It ran its course and quietly disappeared from the public's eye.  There were a handful of chlorophyll products (like Clorets) that survived, but the majority of the chlorophyll products, including "Ennds", were discontinued.  

Since I was born in 1954, I don't honesty know first hand if chlorophyll really worked in controlling odors as the radio commercials and printed ads claimed, but I found an interesting comment in an advertising book stating that cows eat grass every day.  While the green grass has chlorophyll in it, the cows still smell like cows.