Modern Technology
Used For Making
Popular Cigarette


“Only Chesterfield is made the modern way--- with Accu-Ray. 
Best for you!”  
                                                                            -George Fenneman

Lincoln, Me. (DG)—

Chesterfield AccuRayDuring the 1950’s, technology was beginning to assert itself in making the way of life easier for everyone who was around at that time.  It wasn’t exactly the caliber of Microsoft, Intel, Novell, and other names associated with today’s technology--- but it wasn’t anything to sneeze at, either! 

In order to make better products, many companies were beginning to modernize their facilities with various devices of modern technology.  One of most popular forms of technology of the 1950’s was “Accu-Ray,” a precision device used in the production of different items from food to steel. 

Since there were a wide variety of items, Accu-Ray could easily be used for just about any type of manufacturing.  It wasn’t surprising that the people in industry were aware of this “New Miracle of Electronics”--- but it didn’t stop there.  With the help of radio and print advertising, people from all walks of life were also familiar with Accu-Ray and how it was used in the manufacturing of the only cigarette brand to be made this “Modern Way”--- Chesterfield Cigarettes. Soundbyte

Long before Accu-Ray became a reality, Chesterfield was known as the cigarette that “Satisfies.”  Since it was among the top selling brands, Chesterfield satisfied a lot of smokers.  It was also the cigarette Arthur Godfrey highly recommended on his daytime program for CBS Radio.  As good as Chesterfield was for its smokers back then, the addition of Accu-Ray made them even better.

The radio listeners who tuned in to GUNSMOKE heard exactly what Accu-Ray was and how it made Chesterfield the coolest, smoothest, and best tasting cigarette ever made.  In a futuristic sounding radio commercial, Chesterfield spokesman George Fenneman conducted a brief interview with Bert Chope, the president of Industrial Nucleonics, the company that created Accu-Ray.  I won’t get too technical to what exactly Chope said in the interview (you can hear the enclosed radio commercial for yourself), but Accu-Ray was a device that scanned the products being created at that very moment.  Once it was scanned, the data was sent to a computer for analysis.  Since it was a precision instrument, if any errors were detected--- even in millionths of an inch, Accu-Ray automatically made adjustments to the machinery to offset those errors.  The end result was a better and safer product being made. 

When Chope finished describing on what made Accu-Ray tick, Fenneman inquired on how the device had a hand in making Chesterfield better than ever.  Consistency played a key role for every Chesterfield Cigarette being made under Accu-Ray control.  From beginning to end, the tobacco was packed together evenly and firmly.  Since each cigarette was firmly packed, Chesterfield smoked more slowly than the competition.  Although the slower smoke was pleasing to Chesterfield smokers, this may not set too well with business firms who gave its employees a specific amount of time for cigarette breaks.

With the consistency in every Chesterfield Cigarette, its smokers noticed a smoother, cooler, and flavorful smoke.  It was even a definite improvement over Chesterfield of the past.  Since he had the inside information on Accu-Ray, Chope mentioned in the commercial that he was also a Chesterfield smoker. 

As the years gone by, Accu-Ray didn’t fade into oblivion with the other modern technology that was eventually replaced.  Today, Accu-Ray is used in medicine.  The popularity of this amazing device meant a change in the company name.  Instead of Industrial Nucleonics, the company is now known as Accu-Ray Corporation.    

Whether or not the listeners liked Chesterfield or even cigarettes for that matter, this Chesterfield radio commercial gave the listeners an idea of what the future will bring.  If this new technology helped to make Chesterfield the perfect cigarette to smoke, the listeners could imagine the unlimited potential it would have in the future.  In the meantime, satisfied Chesterfield smokers were doing some considerable smiling when they smoked the only cigarette made the “Modern Way.”