Hateful Character 
Sells Postum On Radio

"CURSES! Foiled again by POSTUM!
                                                --- "Mr. Coffee Nerves"


Lincoln, Me.  (DG)---

Postum With Mr. Coffee NervesRadio advertising featured characters taking part in selling the product on the air.  With the exception of one, these characters loved the products they were selling.  The one exception was a thoroughly nasty fellow known as "Mr. Coffee Nerves."  While he did his part in selling Postum to the radio listeners, Mr. Nerves truly hated the product.

The commercial began with announcer Cy Harrice narrating the scene of a person who suffered from the effects of caffeine.  It was here the radio listeners heard the evil Mr. Coffee Nerves laughing at his latest victim who was in a bad mood.. 

As an example on what was heard, Mr. Nerves was grinning from ear to ear when the young mother was about to punish her young sons in the enclosed magazine ad.  The boys were getting the blame, but it was the caffeine that was the cause of the mother's less than happy disposition. 

Overall, Mr. Nerves really got his jollies when his irritable victims felt the affects of caffeine.  Whether it was sleepless nights or jittery nerves, Mr. N enjoyed his victims shouting at family members; friends; co-workers; and anyone who were members of the human race.  To add further insult to injury, Mr. Nerves didn't really care if his victim got hurt or killed in an accident.  His main objective was to have his victims nervous and jittery from the effects of drinking coffee.

Instant Postum CanIt was a sobering commercial, and announcer Harrice provided the perfect voice and technique in his narration.  The listeners quickly realized the effects from caffeine was something to take seriously.  As an alternative to drinking coffee, Harrice recommended Postum.  He pointed out that of the 3 hot beverages, coffee, tea, and Postum, only Postum was caffeine free.  Harrice concluded when people drank Postum on a consistent basis, they were more calm, cool, and collected--- even during those stressful times.  Postum drinkers definitely got the last laugh on Mr. Coffee Nerves.  They could boldly say, "No to Mr. Coffee Nerves..... NO!"

Needless to say, Harrice's narration of Postum didn't make Mr. Coffee Nerves very happy.  At the end of the commercial, a defeated Mr. Nerves was heard uttering, "Curses! Foiled again by POSTUM!"