Amazing Tooth Paste
Compared To
Jeweler’s Polish

Kolynos is a high polishing tooth paste.”
                                                            -- Larry Elliott
Lincoln, Me. (DG)—

Kolynos Tooth PasteDuring the early 1940’s, there were a wide variety of toothpaste, toothpowder, and liquid dentifrice to choose from.  For those people who preferred to keep their natural teeth in their mouths--- and with so many brands on the market, choosing the right dentifrice could be confusing.  The main objectives of a good dentifrice were to protect the teeth, whiten the teeth, and have a pleasant taste.  While many brands did all these good things, Kolynos did a little more to preserve the human smile. 

In 1944, the listeners who tuned in to MR. KEEN, TRACER OF LOST PERSONS heard announcer Larry Elliott describe Kolynos as a “High Polishing Tooth Paste.” Soundbyte  He compared Kolynos’ polishing quality to a jeweler’s polish.  The task of the jeweler’s polish was to remove tarnish without marring and scratching the surface of the silver.  While silver was expensive, human teeth were even more valuable--- and Kolynos was the perfect toothpaste for them.  With gentleness and safety, Kolynos removed the dullness and gunk from the teeth without scratching the enamel.  In the process, Kolynos removed every food particle from the teeth--- even in the hard to reach areas.  When the brushing was complete, the teeth were a glistening white.  They were so white and clean, the teeth’s owner could feel the clean feeling with his/her tongue. 

The best news of all, Kolynos had a pleasant taste.  It cleaned away all traces of bad breath inside the human yap.  Its refreshing taste easily encouraged children to brush with Kolynos every day without a hassle.

The typical Kolynos radio commercial was similar to the famous Lifebuoy Health Soap “B.O.” commercials.  These commercials didn’t use intimidation or sound effects, but the main focus was on the people’s success and popularity.  Elliott stated the human smile played an important role in achieving success in business and personal life.  A person could have a warm and pleasant smile, but if the teeth were dull and dingy, success was very hard to obtain, if not impossible.  To avoid this problem, Elliott informed the listeners that it was very important for everyone to brush their teeth with Kolynos every day. 

Kolynos Tooth PowderKolynos Tooth Paste was a wonderful product, but it didn’t matter much for those people who preferred to use tooth powder.  The makers of Kolynos made sure they weren’t left out.  On selected commercials on the MR. KEEN program, Elliott had some good things to say about Kolynos Tooth Powder. Soundbyte

Kolynos Tooth Powder also contained the same high polishing ingredients.  It was “Superfine” to eliminate the grit and gunk that made brushing with tooth powder unpleasant.  Instead of grinding the powder down like other brands, Kolynos Tooth Powder was “Super Pulverized.”  This method sounded gruesome, but it really wasn’t.  Super Pulverized” meant the powder was grounded and re-grounded into a fine powdery texture that resembled an expensive face powder.  Without the unpleasant grit and gunk, Kolynos’ fine powder polished the teeth instead of marring the enamel.  Like its toothpaste counterpart, Kolynos Tooth Powder had a refreshing taste, and it gave its users a smile that helped them in social situations.

For those people who were lacking success, listening to Elliott talk about Kolynos could be that hump they had to get over.  All they had to do was to buy either Kolynos Tooth Paste or Kolynos Tooth Powder and use it every day.  It was a simple thing to do, but using Kolynos had some great dividends for the human smile.