Amazing Shampoo
Does Wonders
For Dream Girls

“Dream Girl….. Dream Girl
Beautiful Lustre-Creme Girl
You’ll owe your crowning glory to
A Lustre-Creme Shampoo.”
-- Ken Carson    Soundbyte                                                              

Lincoln, Me. (DG)—

Kay Daumit created an extraordinary beauty product.  Not only did the product do what it was supposed to do, it also transformed women who used it into “Dream Girls.”  This miracle product in question was Lustre-Creme, a gentle creme shampoo.  Radio listeners of A DAY IN THE LIFE OF DENNIS DAY, CAN YOU TOP THIS?, and other programs sponsored by Colgate-Palmolive-Peet products heard about this amazing product and the wonderful things it did for the hair--- and to the psyche of its users.  Included with the commercial was the “Dream Girl” jingle mentioned above sung by Ken Carson.  It was a short jingle, but a memorable one.  It was definitely a jingle many satisfied Lustre-Creme users took seriously.

Since Lustre-Creme was a shampoo by trade, how did it transform ordinary women into “Dream Girls?”  To start off with, Lustre-Creme didn’t have any harsh ingredients that turned hair into a disaster area.  It was a blend of the ever popular “Secret Ingredients” and “Gentle Lanolin,” which also had a reputation in its own right of doing good things for the hair.  This unbeatable combination glamorized hair with new “3-Way loveliness”--- 1.) Fragrantly clean, free of loose dandruff; 2.) Glistening with sheen, and 3.) Soft, easy-to-manage hair.  The best news of all, Lustre-Creme did all this with any type of water--- even water that you could chisel.

Although the Lustre-Creme radio commercials featured the “Dream Girl" jingle and announcer Verne Smith describing the “World Of Glamour” Soundbyte in each Lustre-Creme jar, nothing was said about the women who used it--- but the magazine ads did.  Pardon me for getting off the subject for a moment, but this is interesting. 

Lustre-Creme Biz ExecutiveThe story on the enclosed magazine ad was something that could be used in a radio soap opera.  The attractive brunette in the magazine ad was already successful as a business executive.  Although she was doing well with her work, she wasn’t happy with her lifeless hair.  She asked her co-worker, who was something of a glamour girl, on what to do about her problem.  The co-worker quickly responded with, “Use Lustre-Creme.”  Our heroine bought a jar and used it that night.  The next morning, the executive’s boss remarked how shiny and soft her hair was.  When the work day was done, the boss helped our heroine on with her coat while tenderly touching her hair in the process.  The boss asked her out to dinner and, believe it or not, proposed marriage that evening.  If you think Lustre-Creme is a miracle product--- granted, it helped the executive to win over her boss, but according to the magazine ad, the boss had a secret affection for her, anyway.  The magazine ad does not guarantee such drastic results for every woman who used Lustre-Creme, but it does guarantee their hair would be something for other people to make compliments about--- and to give them that “Dream Girl” look.

Lustrte-Creme With Jeanne CrainAmong the women who used Lustre-Creme were famous Hollywood movie actresses, who were already “Dream Girls” to their many fans.  As you might expect, it was the main objective of the Hollywood actresses to maintain their beauty--- especially the beauty of their hair.  Of the many shampoo brands that were available, expensive and inexpensive, 4 out of 5 famous Hollywood actresses used the same Lustre-Creme Shampoo anyone could use.  Not only did the stars use it, they also gave their endorsement for Lustre-Creme in the product’s advertising.  Among a large list of actresses who used Lustre-Creme were Jeanne Crain, Marilyn Monroe, Jane Russell, Rhonda Fleming, Bette Davis, Barbara Stanwyck, and Doris Day, to name just a few.

Lustre-Creme may be the shampoo the majority of famous Hollywood actresses use, but it was still the same affordable shampoo any woman could buy and use.  It wasn’t surprising that Lustre-Creme was among the leading brands of shampoo.  Being a “Dream Girl” was a proposition Lustre-Creme users couldn’t turn down.  The only difficult decision was to buy the economical jar or the handy tube.  Who said life was easy!