Famous Laxative Brand
Gives Beauty To Skin

"These are the only face creams made

from genuine Phillips' Milk Of Magnesia."
                                                                                   --- Beatrice de Sylvara


Lincoln, Me. (DG)-

Phillips' Milk Of Magnesia Face CreamsFor generations, the original Phillips' Milk Of Magnesia has helped to maintain the proper bodily functions a laxative is famous for maintaining.  What you may not know--- it was also used as a cosmetic for skin care.  Of course, the original Phillips' Milk Of Magnesia was made a liquid form, and it was impossible to apply directly to the face without spilling it onto the floor.  As far as I know, floors aren’t in need of a soft, smooth complexion--- or even to perform the call of nature for that matter!  In order to make a product that could be easily applied onto the face, the Chas. H. Phillips Company had to create a special product just for that purpose.  In fact, they created 2 products--- Phillips' Milk Of Magnesia Cleansing Cream (in the white jar) and Phillips' Milk Of Magnesia Texture Cream (in the dark blue jar). 

The reason why Phillips' Milk Of Magnesia would even be considered for skin care was for its antacid ability.  While we may not have seen our faces reach for the Tums (that would be an amazing trick), the complexion had a problem with excess acid just like the typical human stomach.  When it accumulated enough excess fatty acid, the skin became dull and develop unsightly faults such as blackheads, oily shine, dryness, and other unpleasant stuff.  The combination of Phillips' Texture Cream and Phillips' Cleansing Cream neutralized the excess acid on the face, while it helped to overcome the blemishes. 

In order to introduce both Phillips' Face Creams to the housewives in the listening audience, the 2 products sponsored HOW TO BE CHARMING, a daytime beauty tips program on NBC’s Red Network.  Beatrice de Sylvara hosted the program.  During the 1930’s, Ms. de Sylvara was one of the 5 most experienced experts on beauty, as she advised many famous Hollywood actresses of the era.  On HOW TO BE CHARMING, she offered the same beauty advice to the housewives.  One of the tips she advised was to use both Phillips' Face Creams, which came in handy since both products sponsored the program.

HOW TO BE CHARMING went off the air in 1938, but the connection between Ms. de Sylvara and Phillips' Face Creams continued.  She was the commercial spokeswoman for the 2 products on different radio programs, and continued to highly recommend both Phillips' Face Creams into the 1940’s. 

In 1941, Phillips' Texture Cream went through a slight change in its name.  It was still the same product and packaged in the same dark blue jar.  The only difference was the new name, Phillips' Milk Of Magnesia Skin Cream.  The listeners were aware of the change when the heard the announcer comment in this lengthy and slightly confusing sentence: "Phillips' Milk Of Magnesia Skin Cream, formerly called Phillips' Milk Of Magnesia Texture Cream."

With Ms. de Sylvara’s recommendation and the acid neutralizing ability of Phillips' Milk Of Magnesia, it wasn’t surprising that both Phillips' Milk Of Magnesia Face Creams were popular products with the women who used them.  The 2 products continued to keep their complexions soft, smooth, and healthy looking well into the 1940’s.