Actress Loses Weight
By Using Sponsor


"The Welch way certainly does makes reducing easier."
                                                                          --- Herb Allen


Lincoln, Me. (DG)---

Welch Grape Juice With Irene RichActress Irene Rich knew what it took to maintain good relations with a radio sponsor.  In doing this, she also lost weight with the help of her sponsor and a special reducing plan the sponsor came up with.

For 11 years, Welch Grape Juice sponsored IRENE RICH DRAMAS, a weekly serial anthology program starring Irene Rich. While we think of Welch's Grape Juice as a delicious drink brimming with the taste of concord grapes, it was also effective for weight control. In order to maintain good public relations with both the sponsor and the radio listeners, Ms. Rich went on a diet and took advantage of the "Welch's Reducing Plan."

The Welch's Reducing Plan was the simplest and most delicious diet to follow.  All was required was to drink a glass of Welch Grape Juice before eating a sensible meal and before going to bed.  That was it.  In a nutshell, the Welch's Reducing Plan worked, because Welch Grape Juice satisfied hunger--- especially the hunger for rich and sweet foods that were high in calories.  It also thwarted the craving for foods between meals.  Welch Grape Juice also had natural sugar that quickly burned for more pep and energy, while it also helped the body burn up fat without feeling fatigued.

As for Ms. Rich, her participating in the Welch's Reducing Plan paid dividends.  Her results wouldn't go by unnoticed by the Welch Grape Juice Company.  In 1935, Ms. Rich displayed her attractive figure by modeling slinky evening gowns for a series of Welch Grape Juice magazine ads (like the enclosed ad you see here).  The ad stated that Ms. Rich was over 40, yet she weighed the same as she did when she was 16.

The Welch's Reducing Plan was simple, yet effective--- and since it was a natural way to lose weight, it didn't require taking any potentially harmful drugs.  Although exercise helped firm up the body, it wasn't necessary with this diet.  For those people who hated doing those boring exercises, the Welch's Reducing Plan was a blessing in disguise.

Today, people are looking for natural ways to treat themselves for various ailments.  Since today's Welch's Grape Juice is still the same product as it was in 1935, it makes sense for people who want to lose weight naturally to use the same Welch's Reducing Plan Ms. Rich did in years past.