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Just the facts, Ma'am. Here they are. Jack Webb was a detective or a PI for a long time before Dragnet was on TV. He even seemed to be in several places at the same time. Here is the rap sheet. You decide.

  • Pat Novak For Hire was one of the earliest shows that starred Jack Webb. The show started on ABC in 1946, and was the precursor for all of Jack's hard-boiled detective stories. Jack directed the show, and also starred as "Pat" after February, 1949. The show went off the air in July, 1949. Here is a 1:29 soundbyte of the intro to Pat Novak For Hire

  • Between 4/47 and 9/47, while directing Pat Novak, Jack also starred in the Mutual Network's Johnny Madero, Pier 23. Madero was a PI in a San Francisco waterfront setting.

  • Jeff Regan, Investigator starred Jack Webb; again, while Pat Novak was still on the air. Jeff Regan was on CBS between 1948 and 1950. West Coasters knew the show as Lion's Eye. This 1:00 Jeff Regan soundbyte is from a program dated 12/04/48.

  • Dragnet, the radio show, was first heard in June, 1949, on NBC. It lasted until mid - February, 1957. It was always on NBC ... either on Tuesday or Thursday nights. The theme music was "Dragnet". The sponsors were Fatima and Chesterfield cigarettes. This 1:37 Dragnet soundbyte is from a program broadcast on 6/21/51. Note the similarities in style to both later Dragnet TV audio as well as earlier Jeff Regan radio shows.

  • Pete Kelly's Blues, departed somewhat from Jack's private detective / investigator / police officer roles. Although the show was classified as a crime drama, "Pete Kelly" was a cornet player instead of a cop, and the show featured musical selections rather than insights into police work as did Dragnet (which was on the air during the same period). Pete Kelly was on the air (NBC) only between July and September, 1951.

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