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The Glenn Miller Orchestra (Music That Satisfies) - Glenn Miller and his orchestra were first heard on CBS radio in 1939. The show was often broadcast from a "remote" location, such as Cafe Rouge, NY, Paradise Restaurant, NY, and other locations. Mr Miller died in an airplane crash during WW II. His music was famous for several more years, as the era of the Big Band declined (many of the members were drafted into the Armed Services). Two theme songs were used by the band, "Moonlight Serenade" (the more famous) and "Slumber Song". Here is a 1:35 soundclip of "Slumber Song", as broadcast from the Cafe Rouge, on 11/04/1940.

(Soundbytes courtesy of Crabapple Sound). More Big Band information can be seen and heard at the Big Band List and The Big Band BBS

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