Famous Weekly Old-Time Radio Shows
Fibber McGee & Molly One of the longer running and highly popular OTR shows; was first heard on NBC on the night of April 16, 1935. Continued on NBC through early 1956 as a full-length show. Retained the same sponsor (Johnson's Wax) through 1950. Later sponsors included Pet Milk and Reynolds Aluminum. Returned to NBC's Monitor between '57 and '59 as short segments. Early spinoffs from the program were The Great Gildersleeve (originally one of Fibber's neighbors), and Beulah (who originally was the McGee's maid). One of the running gags was that of Fibber's overly full closet. This 1:00 soundbyte is from a 4/7/42 show in which Fibber and Molly clean the closet for a wartime scrap drive.

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