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Amos and Andy
Freeman Gosden and Charles Correll were partners in a minstrel show for some years before their 1/12/26 appearance on WGN (Chicago) radio as Sam and Henry. In 1928 their show moved to WMAQ (Chicago), and appeared on the NBC network as Amos and Andy. Although it had several sponsors, the most-remembered seems to be Rinso laundry detergent. The extremely popular show was broadcast six times a week, until 1932, when it was broadcast five times a week.

In 1948, the show moved to CBS (keeping Rinso as the sponsor for a year, until replaced by Rexall). In 1954, the show became The Amos and Andy Music Hall, and was broadcast on CBS, five times a week, at 9:30 PM, until 11/25/60.

This 1:18 soundbyte is from a 1929 show in which Amos and Andy are discussing the 1928 Hoover / Smith election to succeed Calvin Coolidge as President (Hoover beat Smith).

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