The Highest Rated Daytime Programs 
During Radio's Golden Age 

 1941-1942 Seasons

Program/Time Network Sponsor Hooper Rating

Life Can Be Beautiful

Columbia Ivory Soap,
Ivory Flakes

Monday-Friday  1:00  PM  

The Woman In White

Columbia Oxydol 9.?*

Monday-Friday  1:15  PM

Kate Smith Speaks Columbia Sanka Coffee  8.7

Monday-Friday  12:00  PM

Pepper Young's Family NBC(Red) PandG White Naphtha Soap 8.?*

Monday-Friday  11:15  AM

The Romance Of Helen Trent Columbia BiSoDoL Mints, BiSoDoL Powder,
Kolynos Tooth Paste 

Monday-Friday  12:30  PM

Oxydol's Own Ma Perkins NBC(Red) Oxydol  8.?*

Monday-Friday  3:15  PM

Our Gal Sunday Columbia Anacin 8.?*

Monday-Friday  12:45  PM

Road Of Life Columbia Chipso 8.?*

Monday-Friday  1:45  PM

Road Of Life NBC(Red) Chipso 8.?*

Monday-Friday  10:45  AM

Against The Storm NBC(Red) Ivory Soap,
Ivory Flakes

Monday-Friday  3:00  PM

Big Sister Columbia Rinso 7.?*

Monday-Friday  12:15  PM

Lorenzo Jones NBC(Red) Phillips' Face Creams 7.?*

Monday-Friday  4:30  PM

The Story Of Mary Marlin NBC(Red) Ivory Snow 7.?*

Monday-Friday  11:00  AM

Portia Faces Life NBC(Red) Post's Bran Flakes 7.?*

Monday-Friday  5:15  PM

The Right To Happiness NBC(Red) Crisco 7.?*

Monday-Friday  11:15  AM

Vic & Sade Columbia Crisco 7.?*

Monday-Friday  1:30  PM

When A Girl Marries NBC(Red) Calumet,
Swans Down Cake Flour

Monday-Friday  5:00  PM

Young Dr. Malone Columbia Post Toasties 7.?*

Monday-Friday  2:00  PM

Young Widder Brown NBC(Red) Bayer Aspirin 7.?*

Monday-Friday  4:45  PM

Jack Armstrong, 
The All American Boy
Mutual Wheaties 6.5

Monday-Friday  5:30  PM 

Joyce Jordan, Girl Interne Columbia LaFrance, Satina 6.?*

Monday-Friday  2:15  PM

Stella Dallas NBC(Red) Phillips' Milk Of Magnesia 6.?*

Monday-Friday  4:15  PM

Valiant Lady NBC(Red) Wheaties, Bisquick 6.?*

Monday-Friday  2:30  PM

Vic & Sade NBC(Red) Crisco 6.?*

Monday-Friday  3:45  PM

The Bartons NBC(Red) Duz 6.?*

Monday-Friday  11:30  AM

Arnold Grimm's Daughter NBC(Red) Softasilk Cake Flour,
Gold Medal Flour

Monday-Friday  2:45  PM

Lone Journey NBC(Red) Dreft 6.?*

Monday-Friday  11:30  AM

*-Unknown decimal point number

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