One of the most popular children's programs, Captain Midnight was sponsored during the 1939-40 season by the Skelly Oil Company and for the remainder of it's run by Ovaltine. All of the following premiums were offered by Skelly Gasoline.

As an aside, the above examples of secret codes we kids received from Captain Midnight (and Orphan Annie as well) clearly illustrate that Secret Squadron members were privy to some real advanced info. A common perception today is that these coded messages were nothing more than an additional pitch for the sponsor's product. No, indeed! We were all official members of an organization dedicated to stamping out crime and injustice, and the messages we received were the real thing. We were alert for that special message meant for our ears alone. You never could tell when we might be called upon to lend assistance to the Captain and his troops.

The answer to the "clincher tire" question, as provided by Dan Schallau:
Clincher tires have a hook or bead which allows them to clinch(hold or grab) the metal wheel rim. They use inner tubes as opposed to tubular tires which don't have an inner tube. The tire is the tube in this case and are attached to the rim with glue. Tour de France racers use tubular. All other bikes, from your average bike to high end mountain bikes use clincher tires which can be taken off easily and no glue is necessary.

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