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OTR Soap Opera on CDs

Posted: Tue Jun 05, 2007 3:47 pm
by nikurashi
This question has been asked before, but the answer was not satisfactory, so let me try again. First, the reason I say that the answer is not satisfactory, is that the first answer is a collection consisting of only six shows. This is totally insufficient when you consider the number of Soap Opera shows that have existed. The second website mentioned is now down and has apparently been so for some months.

What I'm looking for is max for min. By that I mean that I want a collection of Soap Opera that emphasizes shows rather than episodes. I would like to get as many shows as possible on one or more CDS. Episodes is another story. While I might someday want to buy 200 episodes of Lum and Abner, what I want now are SHOWS. If such a CD, or CDs, does not exist, I'd be greatly surprised.