"Hit Parades"

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"Hit Parades"

Postby MdMOM » Thu Sep 07, 2006 9:24 pm

When did the concept of "Hit Parades" or other popularity ratings for music or musicians originate?

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Hit Parade

Postby Hank » Fri Sep 08, 2006 12:10 pm

I believe it began in 1935 with a new radio show called "YOUR HIT PARADE".

The idea was to review or "Parade" the popular or "Hit" songs of the week so that the public would learn or believe what the most popular songs were for that week.

Surveys or tabulations were done by the American Tobacco Company (The Sponsor); of sheet music and record sales; Jukebox tabulations; dancehall, band and radio requests; and later based on Billboard and Cash Box magazine surveys. The music was given a rating that led up to the number one song of the week. Originally the program consisted of 15 songs on the 45-minute show that would later change to the top 10, the top 7 on the 30-minute program.

"YOUR HIT PARADE" was based on the 1928-1931 Lucky Strike Dance Orchestra show that played "the most popular tunes of the hour". "YOUR HIT PARADE" became so popular that it became a reference when anything big, eventful, newsworthy or popular "made the Hit Parade".

Hank Hinkel

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