Radio Now Worth Listening to Again

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Radio Now Worth Listening to Again

Postby Bingle » Fri Jan 15, 2021 9:29 pm

Hello Folks,
Just to let you know the Sounds Like Radio shows continue :D , a new show every single week. With Christmas and New Year's now past I'm back to normal weekly shows, though I've left the Christmas & New Year shows up there for anyone who might like. If you like good music (as it was said, only 2 kinds of music good and bad, I include only the good on Sounds Like Radio) and if you like hearing the well written stories of The Great Gildersleeve then please pay us a visit each week and enjoy the wonderful music and classic comedy Gildersleeve radio shows every week. The more the merrier.

Back in the '70's and '80's I can remember hearing a show like the one I'm doing and always loved hearing music I was not aware of or discovering for the first time. I hope to do that with my shows too, having fun as I do them is just a bonus. Shows like the one I used to listen to are now long gone but luckily the music is not. Every show I consider what music would be best and or what songs have not been heard of or not heard in a long time. Most of all though the songs have to be really fascinating & good to listen to. Whenever possible, even if I have to stretch things a bit, I match the music to go with the plot of the Gildersleeve show featured.

If you have a classic song request let me know here and if I have it I'll play it. I think you'll find these shows very interesting, entertaining and most of all fun. I hope you'll listen to my podcast for the way you don't hear on radio anymore. That's why I call my show what I do, I hope you'll say "Now that Sounds Like Radio!" :) There you have a little explanation of the title.

For the fun click here, it's all free all the time:

Your Humble Host is here to serve.

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